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Discover elegance and functionality in our exclusive new collection of WC toilets, sinks, bidets and shower trays.

Immerse yourself in sophistication and innovation with our latest collection of WC Bathroom Products. We present an exceptional range of toilets, sinks, bidets and shower trays designed to elevate your bathroom space to new levels of luxury and comfort.

Avant-garde design, each piece has been carefully designed to blend with modern and classic aesthetics, ensuring it blends seamlessly into any bathroom style.

At SanitariosWC, quality is our number one priority. Our products are made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and endurance over time.

Innovative technology, we incorporate the latest technologies into our toilets, such as efficient discharge systems and seats with advanced functions to enhance your bathroom experience.

Variation of Styles, whether you prefer clean, minimalist lines or detailed decorative elements, our collection offers a variety of styles to suit your personal preferences.

Comfort and Functionality, sinks and bidets are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, while our shower trays provide an exceptional shower experience.

At SanitariosWC, we are committed to providing you with bathroom solutions that combine beauty and functionality. Our New Collection reflects our commitment to excellence in design and quality. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and style with our toilets, sinks, bidets and shower trays. Discover the elegance in every detail.


  • Toilets

    Discover the toilets in the new WC Sanitary Collection

    At WC Toilets, we introduce you to the very essence of innovation and sophistication in the world of toilets. Every toilet in this collection is designed to exceed your expectations in terms of design, comfort and efficiency.

    Avant-garde design: Each toilet is a design masterpiece, with elegant lines and carefully crafted details that make it a centerpiece of your bathroom.

    Advanced Discharge Technology: Our toilets are equipped with state-of-the-art discharge systems that guarantee exceptional performance and water savings, contributing to environmental sustainability.

    Unmatched Comfort: The toilet seats in this collection offer additional features, such as soft closure, heating and cleaning functions, to give you a first-class use experience.

    Superior Materials: Made of durable, durable materials, our toilets are designed to withstand the passage of time and constant use.

    Variety of Styles: Whether you're looking for a contemporary, classic, or minimalist style toilet, our collection offers a wide variety of options to meet your aesthetic preferences.

    With WC Toilets New Collection, you'll not only get a functional piece for your bathroom, but a statement of style and quality. Take your bathroom space to a new level of luxury and performance with our carefully designed toilets. Every drop is an experience of excellence at SanitariosWC.

  • Bidets

    Discover the Bidets of the New WC Sanitary Collection

    At Bidés New Sanitary CollectionWC, we invite you to explore a variety of bathroom solutions that make a difference in terms of design and functionality. Each bidet in this collection is an expression of luxury and versatility, designed to bring a distinctive touch to your bathroom space.

    Exceptional Design: Each bidet has been meticulously designed to complement the aesthetics of your bathroom, with elegant lines and refined details that add a touch of sophistication.

    Comfort and Ergonomics: Our bidets are ergonomic and easy to use, providing an exceptional intimate cleaning experience that promotes personal hygiene and well-being.

    Quality and Durability: Made of the finest materials, our bidets are designed to withstand daily wear and to last.

    Variety of Styles: From contemporary style bidets to more classic options, our collection offers a wide range of styles to suit your design preferences.

    Advanced Technology: Some of our models incorporate advanced features, such as efficient rinsing systems and seats with additional functions for a cutting-edge bidet experience.

    At SanitariosWC, we understand the importance of every detail in your bathroom, and our New Collection bidets are an expression of that attention to detail. Turn your bathroom into a space of wellness and beauty with our exceptional bidets. Every corner of your bathroom deserves the elegance and versatility of SanitariosWC bidets.

  • Sinks

    Explore the sinks in the new WC Sanitary Collection

    At Sinks New Sanitary CollectionWC, we invite you into a world of elegance and functionality. Each sink in this collection is a masterpiece of design, carefully crafted to enrich the aesthetics and usefulness of your bathroom.

    Avant-garde design: Our sinks are much more than simple ceramic pieces. Each one reflects a unique aesthetic, with clean lines, smooth surfaces, and admirable details.

    Variety of Sizes and Styles: From recessed and suspended sinks to pedestal options, our collection offers a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect option that suits your space and personal preferences.

    Superior Materials: Made from the finest materials, our sinks are designed to withstand constant use and the passage of time, while maintaining their beauty and durability.

    Integration with High-End Faucets: Our sinks are designed to accommodate top quality faucets that complement their design and performance.

    - Elegant Functionality: In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our sinks offer exceptional functionality, facilitating your daily personal care routines.

    At SanitariosWC, we believe the sink is the heart of any bathroom, and our New Collection Sinks are an expression of this philosophy. Elevate the aesthetics and practicality of your bathroom space with our refined sinks. Every drop of water is a refinement experience at SanitariosWC

  • Shower Plates

    Discover the shower trays from the new WC Sanitary Collection

    At Shower Trays New Sanitary CollectionWC, we invite you to experience the perfect combination of luxury and comfort in your bathroom. Each shower tray in this collection is a marvel of design and functionality, designed to elevate your shower experience to new levels.

    Exceptional Design: Each shower tray has been meticulously designed to complement the aesthetics of your bathroom, with elegant lines, attractive textures and carefully balanced dimensions.

    Variety of Sizes and Shapes: From square and rectangular shower trays to angular and round options, our collection offers a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit any bathroom space and style.

    Safety and comfort: SanitariosWC shower trays are designed with non-slip surfaces and low edges to ensure maximum safety and ease of access.

    Quality and Durability: Made with premium materials, our shower trays are designed to withstand constant use and maintain their beauty over time.

    Easy Installation: Our shower trays are easy to install, making it easy to transform your bathroom space.

    Experience the feeling of luxury and comfort in every shower with the WC New Sanitary Collection Shower Trays. Our exceptional designs and high-quality features combine to give you a shower experience like no other. Immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort of your bathroom with SanitariosWC shower trays. Every shower becomes a moment of relaxation and well-being.

  • Roca

    Presentation of the new ROCA Sanitary Collection at SanitariesWC

    ROCA, a world-leading brand of sanitary ceramics and bathroom solutions, is pleased to present its latest collection of sanitary ware available at SanitariosWC. This new product line builds on the tradition and innovation that characterize ROCA, offering a combination of style, functionality and quality that will meet the needs of your bathroom.

    Timeless Design

    ROCA's new collection of sanitary ware is characterized by its timeless and elegant design. The products are available in a variety of shapes and styles to suit a wide range of interior design preferences. From clean, minimalist lines to smooth, organic curves, each piece is a design masterpiece that blends seamlessly into any bathroom.

    Innovative technology

    ROCA prides itself on its focus on technological innovation. This collection incorporates advanced features, such as efficient discharge systems that save water and reduce environmental impact without compromising cleaning performance. In addition, the seats feature soft closing technology, providing comfort and avoiding annoying noise.

    Product variety

    The ROCA collection offers a wide range of products, including toilets, bidets, sinks and more. Whether you are looking for a hanging toilet to save space or an ergonomic bidet, you will find options to suit your personal needs and preferences.

    Commitment to Quality

    ROCA is known for its commitment to quality and durability. All products in this collection are made from high-quality ceramics that guarantee a long service life and an impeccable appearance over time. ROCA's products also undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure their optimum performance.

    ROCA's new collection of toilets at SanitariosWC is the perfect choice for those who value design, functionality and quality in their bathroom. Discover how these products can elevate the aesthetics and comfort of your bathroom while enjoying the reliability and style that characterize ROCA.

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